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National Testing Action Plan

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What we do

Keep your school doors open and your students safe

Stay Safe

Choose FDA approved PCR, PCR pooled or antigen testing to safeguard the health of your team — whether at work, school or in a community organization. And stay ahead with the most current and accurate COVID-19 testing diagnostics as they emerge.

Protect and Prevent

Isolate positive cases and prevent the spread of COVID-19 using our thorough safety protocols and contact tracing. Create the best defense with continuous testing designed for you.

Easily Collect

We train school staff and/or offer our own nurses to handle collections. All tests use lower anterior nasal swab,  saliva collection methods.

Obtain Results in less than 24 hours

Test result turnaround time(TAT), the time it takes from collection to test result is critical to you. We manage thousands of daily tests with test turnaround time less than 24 hours. We accomplish this through working with our 100+ lab partners providing coverage in all 50 states.

Meet Your Needs

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We have experience serving multiple sectors, from mid to large size schools, universities, companies and entertainment giants. We adapt and focus on serving your school's activities and testing cadence, now and as they may evolve and change.

Solve Problems

Knowledgeable and equipped, your dedicated account managers and support specialists are available 24/7 to answer your questions and take care of the unexpected. COVID does not sleep at night.

Inform and Communicate

A seasoned team of professionals will report key performance metrics and assist you through the ever-changing COVID-19 impact on your school.

Manage with Facts

Control and protect your school's safety and work with real time data and alerts. Capture every facet of your testing life cycle with auditable data.

Comply with Regulations

Be assured you are aligned with regulatory and legal guidelines. With the ASSURE technology architecture, the advice of our medical and diagnostic experts, and use of medical authorization and consent forms, you will.


Our national footprint of Rockefeller endorsed labs, unmatched collection capacity, personable support and 360-degree technology integration is for you to manage your school's safety and success throughout this pandemic. So, you can –

AFFINITY Return to School

Who we are

Affinity is a leading occupational health, population, and disease management life sciences organization that specializes in providing technology-based solutions and related supports for employee, individual, and insured members for services related to wellness endeavors. They have leveraged their 20+ years of experience providing these services to a variety of customers, including being a contract holder for the US Government, to become an international provider of COVID-19 testing. The organizations using their services average around a 0.76% positivity rate as compared to national averages of 4-5% (n=150k). Affinity can help create a customized COVID-19 strategy that can not only provide testing, screening, and other related services, but can also address and support behavioral health initiatives and needs.

Affinity delivers an unparalleled, 360-degree experience that will facilitate all screening needs. We offer the complete package—streamlined processes delivered through cutting edge technology, all backed by round-the-clock customer service, constant innovation, security advancement, and analytical research.

Affinity is here with you and for your students.

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Discover how our focus on what matters most can help you. Read to the Rockefeller Foundation National Testing Action Plan whitepaper.

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